How 3D Printing Services Have Impacted The Design Process 

3D printing services have been around for a while now, but their impact on the design process is only now becoming apparent. Designers are using 3D printing to create prototypes and test products before they go into production, which has saved them time and money. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how 3D printing services have impacted the design process and what the future holds for this technology.

Faster R&D Process For New Products

3D printing perth services have enabled the companies to develop new products faster. With 3D printing, companies can create prototypes of their products at a much faster pace. These prototypes can be used for testing and evaluating the performance of a product before it goes into production. This enables the company to get feedback from its customers before launching a product in the market.

More Accurate Design And Prototyping

The design process is an iterative one and usually involves several iterations and changes before the final design is finalized. 3D printing allows you to iterate quickly, making changes in the design with each iteration until you get it right. 

It also helps designers come up with more accurate designs because they are able to visualize their designs better than when using other methods like hand sketching or CAD modeling. 

Being able to visualize your design in 3D gives you a better idea of how your product will look when it’s finally produced, leading to better quality control during production and fewer errors being made during manufacturing.

Cost Savings During Manufacturing

3D printing helps save money on manufacturing by reducing costs associated with tooling and molding processes which are necessary for creating molds for plastic injection molding or metal casting processes respectively. 

The ability to create prototypes quickly also reduces development time which in turn reduces cost as well since there’s less need for expensive resources like engineering hours or large-scale manufacturing runs that are required for developing new products without prototyping them first using 3D printers. 

Additionally, prototyping using 3D printers makes it easier to customize products based on customer feedback, saving money on redesigns later on in the process by avoiding re-tooling costs associated with making changes during mass production runs after a product has been launched in the market place.

Reduced Risk Of Production Errors 

3D printing not only reduces costs associated with product development, it also helps companies reduce the time to market for new products. 3D printing allows companies to create prototypes which can be tested and evaluated for performance before the final design is finalized. 

This enables companies to launch their products in the market faster without having to worry about production errors or delays caused by changes in the design or manufacturing process.


As you can see, there are many ways how 3D printing services have helped companies save money and time during the product development cycle. It is amazing how 3D printing services have impacted the design process and it will be interesting to see what new applications for this technology come about in the future. 


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